Let us plan your wedding!

Your special day should be just that; special.

Let CRE8AD8 plan a wedding that will radiate with quality and intimacy, without all the unnecessary stress. CRE8AD8 knows how stressful planning within a budget can be. We are Certified experts at not only coordinating your special day, but managing and working within a budget as well.  We will source the right vendors for the right investment.

CRE8AD8 has a network of over 15,000 vendors around the world. From lodging, venue, catering, floral, photography and more; we orchestrate and contract the right combination of vendors for your wedding. Below are just some vendors we work frequently with.

We not only specialize in the vendors above, but in many cases, you can have anywhere from 5-20 vendors working on your special day depending on your taste and budget. These are just the few that are your foundation your Planner will work with the majority of the time.

Imagine this:

The day of your wedding has come, and unlike most brides, you have no dark circles from loss of sleep, your face has a glow that only comes from stress-free nights and worry-free days, and everything (including you) looks just the way you had imagined it in your dreams.



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Los Angeles


Belgrade, Serbia

Barcelona, Spain

London, United Kingdom

Melboure, Australia

Toronto, Canada

Paris, France

Shanghai, China

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mexico City, Mexico

Cape Town, Africa



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How It Works

As an Agency, CRE8AD8 will bid, source, plan, coordinate, market, produce and close your event out all in one invoice. how-it-work-model

A CRE8IVE Consultant will set up a complementary consultation with you soon after you submit your request to gather more information and learn about what you’re looking to produce. Once the CRE8IVE Consultant has gathered enough information, they will provide you with a “turn-key” quote to make it happen.

Most of our Quotes are put together by experienced Certified and Professional Planners who know what the fair and accurate pricing is in the industry to make the Quote as accurate as possible so there are no surprises. Once you have decided to “CRE8” your date with us, we will go over more details and start to produce your event. The ideal situation for us is what you want. We can take you to every meeting and go through every detail or we can make it as easy as just showing up to the event. We are here to make your event memorable as we know you have choices.

Simply go to our "CRE8 It!" page and give us a little information about your particular occasion once you've filled out all the fields and thought of everything you'd like to tell us, our CRE8ORS will gather your information and personalize your occasion.